CMS Integration

React Storefront can work with any CMS. Use the CmsSlot component to display HTML content from your CMS:


import CmsSlot from 'react-storefront/CmsSlot'

export default function Home({ slots }) {
  return (

Prefetching links in CMS content

You can prefetch links in CMS content when using:

<CmsSlot prefetchLinks>{content}</CmsSlot>

Lazy loading images

To lazy load images only when they become visible in the viewport, specify the URL for each img element using the data-src attribute, for example:

<img data-src="/path/to/img.png"/>

Then add a lazyLoadImages prop to CmsSlot:

<CmsSlot lazyLoadImages>{content}</CmsSlot>

When img elements become visible in the viewport, React Storefront will copy the value of data-src to src and remove the data-src attribute.